Benefits of Groundnut Oil on the Skin

Groundnuts are known as peanuts in some part of the world. These are good for health as they protect the body from many diseases.

Groundnut oil

Groundnut oil can be extracted grinding the kernels or seeds. Now you might be curious why anyone would go on to make that effort. It can be for various reasons. One of them is to enhance beauty. For a beautiful appearance, healthy skin is a must.

Let us find out the benefits of groundnut oil for the skin.


We all know our body has guardian cells which is in constant battle with the outer world and protects us from diseases. These guardian cells need food to survive and grow.

Groundnut oil is one of the best foods you can consume and make your body strong and healthy. Groundnut oil is vitamin rich. It has Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex. Vitamin E is essential for the skin. It helps the skin to shed off old skin cells and regenerate new cells fast. It helps the skin to stay healthy. It also strengthens the mucous cells of the skin that is protecting your body.

No more Skin Ailments

The groundnut oil is rich in proteins and thus helps the body to regenerate itself fast. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and the rich protein food helps us become strong. Groundnut oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for our skin thus it soothes swellings on our skin.

Fiber Fighting Toxins

Whenever we have ailments related to toxic substance deposited in our stomach or intestines we are advised to include fibrous food in our diet. The fibers take responsibility to roll over the toxins and, excrete them from the body. Groundnut is rich in fibers. So if you want to cleanse your body from inside and enhance your skin to make it glow, start off with an addition of groundnut oil in your food.

Reduced Chances of Skin Cancer

UV rays can cause skin cancer Due to ozone layer depletion the UV rays in sunlight is directly affecting our skin and that runs a risk of skin cancer. Groundnut oil is rich in oleic acid and p-coumaric acid. These fatty acids have an anti-carcinogenic effect which reduces the chances of skin cancer. Although, this doesn’t mean that you can skip out on that SPF 30 sunscreen!

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