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Exploring Pain Free Yet Effective Skin Treatments That People Could Undergo

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There are a number of skincare treatments with dermatologists that women could undergo in order to get that flawless and vibrant skin. However, most of the women are afraid of entering a dermatologist’s clinic, simply because they dread the procedures that are followed by these practitioners. They want that immaculate skin but they feel they can never realize their aim of donning a scintillating appearance.

However, there is great news for such women as there are some pain free treatments as well that could help them get the desired results in a hassle-free manner. Here are some of these methods that women could undergo.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial is a great way of getting rejuvenated skin. It is suitable for women who are prone to getting frequent acne and breakouts. A person’s look is completely transformed from a blemished appearance to a youthful appearance. Similarly, tired-looking face is straightaway transformed into a youthful face. Basically, a lot of special serums are applied onto the skin. These serums are made to penetrate deeper into the skin with the help of pressurized oxygen. There is no pain at all, as a person simply feels that a mist full of steam is being applied on their face.


In this treatment, a dermatologist will combine broadband light along with vacuum. The desired aim is to get rid of the obstinate dirt that has been trapped in the pores for long. This treatment is really effective as the pores are effectively unclogged. Moreover, the bacteria causing breakouts is also made inactive by this treatment. A person is able to see the transformation in a flash as they find their skin becoming cleaner and clearer. Moreover, a person simply feels that a warm and gentle pressure is being applied during this session.


Medication has always been a painless technique of curing problems. However, the best part is that the appearance of one’s skin too can be greatly enhanced with the help of medications. There are some medicines as Spironolactone, which help in fighting acne effectively. Moreover, there are vitamins that could help in making nails and hair stronger. And then, there is the mediation called Oracea that could prevent early signs of aging.


Allumera is a technique which uses LED light in order to remove the dead skin that got affected due to photodamage. However, LED light is only applied after the application of some cream. A person could instantly see the difference as a rejuvenated skin appears straightaway. Moreover, there is no pain during the entire process, as a person simply feels some warmth on their skin.

Topical Antioxidants

Topical Antioxidants are always beneficial for the skin, since they work at the cellular level. Basically, there are free radicals in the skin that wreak heavy damage onto the skin. However, antioxidants that are infused with antioxidant ingredients like vitamins, etc. are really instrumental in holding off the harmful free radicals. So, before they could attack the cells they are made inactive. There is no pain at all during the process, as creams, serums, and lotions are applied on to the skin during the procedure.

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