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Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Care

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding skin-aging. This topic seem to be the favorite amongst our customers who are able to create a skin-care regime for themselves but often get stuck when it comes to finding solutions for skin aging issues. Our in-house skin consultants try to come up with the best solutions.

Q1. What are the major causes for skin-aging?

Ans. Though genetics play a vital role in aging of the skin to take place, another great cause which accelerates the rate at which your skin ages is sun damage. Too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can lead to early signs of aging. Also, the presence of free radicals on the skin causes aging to occur faster than it should and give the skin a dull look. Other top causes include stress, lack of sleep, smoking, lack of exercise and an improper diet. Any of these factors can force the skin to lose its smoothness and help fine lines, age spots and wrinkles to appear easily, making a person look older than her true age.

Q2. How can the neck and décolleté area be protected from aging as they are one of the first places to show signs of aging?

Ans. The Resveratrol Sauvignon Blanc Neck and Chest Cream which is a part of the Sauvignon Blanc Collection is just what you need to take care of these special areas. This cream contains a special formula that has been created with ingredients such as Resveratrol, Vitamin A and E AND Hyaluronate which together help protect the neck and décolleté area. The active ingredients help to make the neck area firm, plump up the skin and increase collagen production with regular use.

Q3. Why is it better to use anti-aging skin care products instead of opting for a Botox procedure?

Ans. Well, the reasons we can come up are plenty! First of all, Botox procedures and surgeries can prove to be an expensive affair and burn a huge hole in your pocket. Our products on the other hand are cheaper than these surgeries but offer similar results, giving your face a younger and healthier look with regular use. Moreover, the effects of anti-aging products are permanent while Botox may give you a beautiful face but for a short period only.

Also, the use of harmful chemicals in Botox procedures can have adverse effects on the skin’s quality making it look beautiful on the outside and causing immense harm to it on the inside. Our anti-aging products are loaded with natural ingredients which help fight off signs of aging in a natural and safe manner without harming the skin in any way.

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