Hair Benefits of Oat Straw

There is no problem without a solution. You just need to find it. For every trouble our body faces, nature has a backup to help us out. Every person out there is trying hard, working out, doing planks and running miles. This age is all about being in perfect shape. And that is where our breakfast table needs oats.

Oat Straw

The plant that helps us get the perfect shape can do much more than that. Oats are the ripened grain of the plant, which also contain unripe green seeds called Oat straw.

Oat straw has been mentioned as the herb for longevity in many cultures around the world. Longevity of life by soothing the stress levels in our body is the superpower of oat straw.

Can it help us tame our long hairs? Let’s find out.

Reduce Stress and Hair Fall 

Oat straw has long been known as the herb to help you relax. It is a mild “nervine” that relaxes your mind, relieves your body from stress, and ensures the longevity of healthy life. Recent studies have shown that increasing hair fall can be directly linked to increasing stress. Oat straw soothes the stress generating spots of our brain that in turn reduces our hair fall.

Oat Straw and Silica

Oat straw is rich in silica. Silica is an important element to making bones, nails and hair stronger and healthier. This mineral helps promote hair growth and makes sure the hair gets stronger and not just longer.

Enrich Your Hair

Vitamins are called as the macronutrients, as we need only traces of them in our diets. But do you know that the lack of essential vitamins could lead to a variety of issues such as bleeding gums and hair loss? So how do you eat enough to get the vitamins? One option is to add oat straw in your diet. Oat straw is rich in vitamin B, vitamin G, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin E. All these put together makes hair grow healthier and thicker.

Color Your Hair Naturally 

Oat straw upon grinding into powder is the best kind of natural coloring agent. Got that annoying gray strand of hair shining brightly? Dip a brush in the Oat straw powder and get rid of your gray hair naturally.

Condition Your Hair

Oat straw infusions are often used as a natural emolliating agent. Dry scalp and dry strands of hair are a nightmare for sure. And when you can see no way out, make a paste of oat straw and say goodbye to all dry hair days.

Stay close to nature, stay healthy and happy. Remember for all your ailments, a herb out there is waiting to treat you. And every once in a while it will be oat straw.


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