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Old Fashioned Beauty Tips Reviewed

Rating Common Grandma Beauty Tips

Studies have shown that many people still depend on the wisdom passed on by their grandparents when it comes to beauty. And honestly, when it comes to things like beauty, its best to depend on grandmoms. After all, they didn’t have the luxury of modern day skin care products and they still managed to make their skin look beautiful. What makes grandmoms so different from the present day lot is that they used to rely on natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and flowers for their beauty, and not on factory made skin care products. We have compiled some of the best grandma beauty tips that can actually work wonders even today.

Grandma Beauty Tips

Use strips of cloth for your curls

People used to have curls even before curling irons and perm treatments had been invented. One of the best and safest ways to curl the hair was to rip up an old pillow case into thin strips and then knot these strips on wet rolled up hair. You need to sleep on it and you should be able to boast of beautiful looking curls the next morning. This method is known to be so special because it is completely safe, easy to use and economical.


Have lots of water

Our grandmas didn’t have the luxury of the sodas that dominate the markets today. And they certainly did not believe in having alcohol the way we do. This made water a luxury drink in the past. And water was one of the main reasons why they looked so beautiful. Having at least 10 glasses of water everyday is a must. This helps you to hydrate your system. You can also use some cold water to splash your face and tone it up.


Lemon juice acts as an amazing substitute for Vitamin C products

Grandmas were famous for using lemon juice and water instead of a Vitamin C enriched toner. All they would do is dab a cotton pad into this mixture and sweep the pad across their face. Dousing your hair with lemons while you’re at the beach is also known to be extremely beneficial as it a combination of the sun and lemons allows you to get a beautiful hair color.


Brown rice masks can clear out your pigmentation problems and blemishes like no other

Asian women have been using brown rice masks and water to treat their hyperpigmentation and blemishes for ages. This mask helps to ensure that the skin stays soft and hydrated. You need to wash the rice properly, cover it with distilled water and allow it to sit overnight. The rice ends up becoming a paste and sits at the bottom of the bowl. Remove the excess water and apply the paste all over your face and your body. Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing off the paste.


Sleep on silk pillows

Silk pillows were considered to be a rage in the early 1900s. They are much more delicate than cotton pillows and they don’t cause facial wrinkles either. This is mainly because of the fact that silk doesn’t tug your skin the way cotton does.

 Silky Pillows

Treat your dark circles using lemons or tomatoes

Things like lemon juice, tomato juice or raw potatoes are known to be an amazing solution to for those with dark circles. Chilled tea bags and slices of cucumber are ideal for people suffering from puffy eyes.


Add Olive Oil into your diet and skin care

Ever wondered why people in the Mediterranean region have such beautiful skin and live for so long? One of the main reasons is the Mediterranean diet which revolves around olive oil. Olive Oil has always been considered to be amazing for your skin and your health. It helps to moisturize the skin and protects the skin from pollution as well. Furthermore, olive oil also goes a long way in preventing the signs of aging. You can also add olive oils into your morning baths. All you need to do is add some olive oil into your bath water. Furthermore, olive oil works perfectly as a hair conditioner or a cuticle softener as well.


Finished reading through all these unique beauty tips? Find something to extraordinary listed here? Feel like adding to the list of grandma beauty tips? We would love to hear from you. All you need to do is share your views using the comments box below.


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