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Of the many products available in the market, the Vine Vera collection is one of the top rated skin care product. It has grown immense popularity in the last few years. What made it so famous is the presence of Resveratrol that has some unique features and is absolutely natural.  It has the anti-aging property which prevents the wrinkle lines, rejuvenates the eye-skin area, and helps to get a glowing and younger skin.

Even if you do not have a lot of time to care for your skin intensively on a regular basis, getting the basics right is just to get beautiful-looking skin. Moreover, good skin care habits can delay the aging process immensely and also prevent skin issues from occurring. Here are 5 simple tips for keeping your skin healthy and young for years to come.

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  • Protect your skin from the sun – Protection from the sun is the most important thing to do as excess skin exposure can onset the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other skin care issues and also increases chances of skin cancer. Keep these pointers in mind for complete sun protection:

o   Apply Sunscreen – Using products which contain SPF 15 or higher or sunscreens itself help to keep the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays away from the sun.

o   Wear protective clothes – Always wear full or long-sleeved shirts and pants. Wear hats to protect your face and scarves for your neck.

o   Stay indoors – Stay indoors between 10am to 3pm as the sun’s rays are the strongest at these hours.

  • Quit Smoking – Smoking makes the skin age rapidly and helps in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular smoking, the tiny vessels of blood in the skin’s outermost layers decrease blood flow thereby depleting oxygen and nutrients from the skin. Collagen and elastin are the fibers which add strength and elasticity to your skin. They can get extensively damaged due to smoking.
  • Be gentle with your skin – You can be gentle with your skin by following these tips:

o   Reduce your bath time as long and hot water showers can rip off essential oils from the skin.

o   Avoid using harsh or strong soaps on your skin, especially those that contain harmful chemicals in it.

o   While shaving, always apply a shaving cream or lotion prior to shaving and use a clean and sharp razor.

o   After a shower, pat the skin dry with a soft towel and moisturize with a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

  • Reduce stress – Stress can make the skin sensitive and give rise to skin-related issues such as acne. Reduce stress by practising meditation, setting a proper work time-table and indulging in recreational activities.
  • Eat healthy – Include loads of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains in all your meals. This will help provide your body and skin with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Vine Vera Review
I was passing by the Vine Vera Store when this saleslady came rushing out with a free sample of Vine Vera products to try out on my skin. I had heard of Vine Vera before, but I had heard about their aggressive tactics to lure customers into the store. So obviously you can understand how apprehensive I was to even begin talking to the lady. However, when she saw my inhibition to enter the store, she offered me a complimentary facial using luxurious Vine Vera collections so that I could understand what the brand was all about.

Vine Vera Store Review

Intrigued, I finally went inside the store and realized that everything I had heard about Vine Vera was false. They have some really courteous staff, I must say. Once I entered the store, I was asked to sit down with their resident skin expert who spent time talking about my skin and discussing what products and ingredients would be most suitable for my skin. Once this consultation was over, I was taken into the VIP room for the facial. I think the term VIP room suits this room perfectly because it was one of the most amazing facial setups that I had ever seen. The fact that they planned to use those beautiful looking Vine Vera collections for the facial made me jump up with joy.

My facial lasted for 30 minutes and it was one of the most relaxed facials that I had ever experienced. I mean the promise of free products was one thing, but this was another ball game altogether. Who spends so much of time on their customers, that too when they’re offering the facial for free. Moreover, contrary to what I’d read, the facial wasn’t just all about Vine Vera. Yes, they only used products made by the brand, but I guess that’s why these facials were so different. After all, the products looked, smelt and felt wonderful. But, more than the products themselves, the lady who performed the facial also explained each step along the way and advised me on how I could replicate the entire experience at home.

Vine Vera Facial Room

I so fell in love with the products that I immediately decided to purchase some of them for my skin. I chose the Merlot Collection. From whatever I managed to gather about the collection, the Merlot line is ideal for those looking to brighten their skin, protect it from sun damage and free radical damage and also ensure that the skin stays hydrated all through the day and night.

There were five products in this collection and each product could be used for a step in your skin care routine. In fact, this was one of the main reasons I chose this collection – it took care of everything – right from cleansing and toning to peels and moisturizers. Moreover, the collection offered me with two different moisturizers – one for the day that helped me to protect my skin and the other for the night that helped me to rejuvenate my skin.

I have been using the Merlot collection for a week and I feel beeeeautiful!! Yes, I think my heart will skip a few beats when that credit card statement is generated, but trust me, it was totally worth it. No more trying useless products and desperately hiding skin imperfections with concealers.

Vine Vera Review 2
The other day at the mall, I just passed through the Vine Vera Store. I had no intention of heading into the store but was just admiring the beautiful and inviting setup with the relaxing chairs when suddenly a saleslady came up to me and offered to try a free sample on my skin. I am not a person who is too much into skin care brands and products and like to keep it simple with a basic skin care routine. Moreover, my hectic work schedule leaves me with very little time for myself. However, the saleslady was so pleasant to talk to; I just couldn’t say no and agreed to try out the sample as per her wish.

I entered the store with her and was really amazed to see how beautiful, organized and nice the store was. The staff was like the icing on the cake – so courteous and friendly that all my apprehensions about skin care brand stores and their clever tactics simply got washed away. I soon realized that I would be made to meet an in-house skin expert who would analyze my skin texture and skin problems in details and then suggest which products infused with appropriate ingredients would be best for my skin. After the session was over, the saleslady tried out some of the recommended products on my hand and face. The products felt wonderful and smelt great too.

The entire experience was so appealing and the samples that I tried on my skin seemed to be just perfect for me. I felt that whatever little time I had in the morning should definitely be used in absorbing these amazing products and allow my skin to reap all the benefits they have to offer. I finally chose the Vitamin C Collection which had 4 products which included the cleaner, peeling, serum and day cream. This collection helps to make your skin soft, shiny and nourished from within and is gentle enough to be made part of the daily skin care regime. Its ease of use and the perfect blend of natural ingredients is what made me choose it for myself.

It has been 2 weeks since I have been using this product and I feel rejuvenated from within after using the entire collection day after day. Moreover, my skin has this amazing citrus aroma all day long which makes my friends wonder what is different in me! I finally said goodbye to all those heaps of useless products and hello to this amazing daily collection for great looking skin.

Vine Vera Review 3
With the kind of person I am, I could never believe myself that I would end up writing reviews for a skin care brand! Except for a basic skin care cleanser and body moisturizer, I have never used any other cosmetics all my life. But trust me when I say this, the kind of products and services that this store has offered, I was almost compelled to write down a review and tell people about this amazing and unique brand.

Apart from my basic skin care regime that I just told you about, I never have the time to even look at the mirror again. Erratic work hours and an 8 year-old-daughter keep me quite busy. But lately, after having reached my 40’s I started feeling that my skin was aging along with me and was crying out for some attention from me.

That is when I decided to pay the Vine Vera Store a visit especially after hearing from my friends that the products of this brand could actually make you look younger without the use of chemicals.

Let me tell you a little about the store first. With a beautiful and luxurious ambience, the entire store was dipping in luxury and looked so unique that you felt you had been transformed into a different world altogether!

However, after admiring the place I got straight to the point where I spoke to the courteous salesgirl and told her that I was looking for products which would help me deal with aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines on my face. Moreover, my skin had started to sag a little and I needed to make it firm.

I spent almost 10 minutes discussing my skin concerns with her. She asked me to follow her to another room where she showed me a collection known as Shiraz Instalift Collection that consisted of 4 products in it. There was a cream, mask, serum and non-surgical syringe in it.

The salesgirl explained to me that this collection is just what I need to get rid of all kinds of aging signs be it fine lines or wrinkles as it was the best and natural alternative to surgical intervention for getting younger looking skin. It was also helpful in toning sagged skin and firming it up.

I have been using the Shiraz Instalift since 2 months now and have already started looking 10 years younger. My fine lines and wrinkles have started diminishing and my skin has become toned! Vine Vera truly creates magic with your body and is just the brand to go for! 5 stars to u Vine Vera!

 Vine Vera Review 4
I have gone through a number of posts on different websites about the Vine Vera skincare products but it was not until last week that I got the opportunity to visit a Vine Vera store and to have a close look at the different categories of Vine Vera skincare products. It was not by chance but on purpose to know more about the Vine Vera products that I visited the Vine Vera store. The unique range of skincare products from Vine Vera, which were displayed at the Vine Vera store, comprised of the Vine Vera Chianti Collection, Vine Vera Zinfandel Collection, Vine Vera Eye Collection, Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection and Vine Vera Merlot Collection.

As soon as I got into the store, the store in-charge approached me with a welcoming smile and asked me about whether I had any specific requirement or not. Observing me as I was hesitating, she offered me to join her for a brief discussion about my skin type so that she could suggest me the right kind of product for my skin type or according to my requirement. After a long discussion for almost half of an hour, when I had told her almost everything regarding my skin she started describing my skin as if it was her own. Taking into consideration the texture of my skin, she offered me a complimentary trial of the Vine Vera product that would suit my skin.

The store in-charge applied the Resveratrol Chianti Thermic Mask onto my face and neck and left it to dry for some time. After waiting for about half-an-hour she patted my face and neck with a fresh moist towel and took off the mask. I could feel the difference instantaneously as I touched my skin immediately after the store in-charge finished cleaning my face and neck. My skin was feeling smooth as silk and soft like butter and when I looked at my face in the mirror I saw myself as I was ten years earlier. I was surprised, delighted, excited, amazed – I don’t know what words would best describe my feeling, which I was experiencing at that time. I wanted to know more about this product and so the store in-charge provided me a detail description about the Vine Vera Resveratrol Chianti Thermic Mask and also shared some information with me – this Vine Vera product would work the most if I could apply the Revival Serum of the Chianti Collection after taking off the mask. Readily I bought two new packs of both the products and left the store with a desire to return to this store soon.

Buying a Vine Vera Product
Taking care of your skin using natural ingredients can help you get rid of numerous skin problems like aging signs, acne, and many others. The Vine Vera cosmetics are made of natural ingredients that help to enhance your beauty. The most effective ingredient in these skin care products is the presence of Resveratrol that gives you a revitalizing and younger looking skin. It is your defense against wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and major other skin concerns.

The unique range of skin care products offered by Vine Vera:
The uneven surface skin cells result in making the skin look dull or wrinkled which can be efficiently treated by the use of Vine Vera skin care products. There number of natural ingredients present in these products that improve cell generation and increase the production of collagen that leaves your skin with a graceful and appealing look. It also improves the structure of the outer layer of the skin and removes layers of dead and rough skin.

The use of antioxidants made in the Vine Vera Cosmetics is also very beneficial for your skin type and condition. It repairs the DNA damage and reduces inflammation and improves the ability of the skin to heal. More amount of collagen is produced with the help of these products, and it fights sun damage as well. So, if you stay too much on the beach or on the sun, then selecting a Vine Vera skin care product for your skin problems is an effective solution.

The Vine Vera Experience
If you want to have acne free skin, then Vine Vera products are ideal for you. It will free your complexion from dirt and inflammation. Along with eating a balanced diet, it is very important to use the right skin care products where Vine Vera skin care products have set the benchmark in offering an acne free skin. The products are rich in minerals, natural ingredients like shea butter, green tea extracts, resveratrol and more. It helps you to enjoy a beautiful skin.

Acne leaves scars, and these scars are possible to treat with Vine Vera products. It rejuvenates the skin area and keeps it healthy. Whether you are a girl or a boy, the products are designed to keep your skin clear. The products will heal the skin and improve the production of collagen and elastin that further helps to tighten the skin and keep it acne free.

So, if you are longing to have that radiant look, then Vine Vera cosmetics are sure to serve your skin purposes precisely. Our products ensure that it gives you the right amount of moisture it needs and fight acne producing bacteria consistently. The other benefits of Vine Vera cosmetics are more surprising. As our products have been made using the natural ingredients, these heal your skin from aging signs as well. You will never complain about acne, wrinkles, fine lines and other skin problems again once you start using the Vine Vera skin care products dally. It will keep your skin healthy and vibrant looking all the time naturally without any side effects.

Let the skin specialists offer best skin care solutions
The skin specialists at the Vine Vera store will assist you with all your beauty needs and give you the best skin care product that can keep your skin healthy and free of chronic skin concerns. The functioning of the skin cells will return to normal and after a certain period, you will notice a great change in your skin complexion as well. The aging signs will fade away, and acne won’t be a nightmare for you anymore.

Your skin will be more soft and supple, and potentially dryness will be eliminated with repeated use of the skin care products. All these skin care products are tested well before they are displayed on the shelves of the store. The skin experts at the store would understand your skin needs and give you customized facial that suits your skin condition – making you fall in love with your skin right after the treatment.