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Vine Vera Reviews from around the web


Blushing Basics

Blushing Basics is an enthusiastic blog by a 31 year old who is famous for her unique take on life. The site offers its readers with exciting insights into things to do with make-up and skin care. Blushing Basics recently had to undergo transformations into a new climate, which ended up generating the need for a new skincare routine. Vine Vera was lucky enough to be reviewed by the author of this blog. In fact, Vine Vera products were termed as amazing, trending items and unconventional solutions by Blushing Basics. We were glad to be reviewed by this beauty blog and when we were offered with reviews like “Age Defying Eye Serum has my back in keep those crows feet at bay” and “I liked how moisturizing the Vine Vera products were”. When an expert beauty blog author has things like this to say about Vine Vera, all we can do is accept the praise with humility and hope to serve our customers in the same manner for generations.

 Vine Vera Chianti Collection


This Tripadvisor article was posted by Efibiton as a review of the Vine Vera Store located in Arcadia, California. Efibiton offers a review about the Store as well as the products and talks about how effective Vine Vera products have been. The complimentary facials offered by Vine Vera to its customers have also been described in great details and we are glad that our luxury facials have been so received by our customers.


Jasmine Ong

Jasmine Ong is a celebrated beauty author who has become famous for her chirpy style, expert reviews and honest opinions about skin care and beauty products. Jasmine was recently invited to the After Eve Skin Studio to review the Vine Vera Cosmetics line. In this post, Jasmine speaks about her entire experience with Vine Vera – right from the skin consultations with our resident skin expert to the different collections offered by Vine Vera. She talks about the Pinot Noir Collection, the Merlot Collection, the Chianti Collection and the Cabernet Collection. Jasmine also reviews other Vine Vera products such as the Intensive Shea Body Butter with Resveratrol and the Vine Vera Salt Scrub. Apart from talking about how each of these collections work and what benefits they have to offer, Jasmine also talks about her favorite Vine Vera products. Visit Jasmine’s blog to see what she has to say about Vine Vera and enjoy her unique take on beauty and skin care.

 Vine Vera Merlot Collection

Beauty Frizz

Beauty Frizz is a website that aims at offering readers with the latest fashion trends for women, insights into the world of nail art, everything that there is to know about hairstyles as well as make-up tips and solutions. In one of their articles, Beauty Frizz reviewed the Vine Vera Skincare line and spoke about just how effective these products are. Check out the article to read about how the Merlot Collection helped in transforming the author’s skin within just one week of use. We particularly liked the fact that the author took the time to review the products after a couple of months of use as well. She states that she hasn’t run out of any of the products despite using them regularly and we’re just glad to be able to offer our customers with proof of how long lasting these products are. The fact that our products worked wonders on the author’s skin is a major source of inspiration as well.


Stylish Southern Mama

Stylish Southern Mama Jessica is a 20-something mother, a digital designer, a book lover, a DIY enthusiast and a lover of pets (particularly dogs). She loves sweet tea, fishing, baseball hats and huge trucks. She also loves her blog which offers her readers with her unique insights on life. Vine Vera was lucky to be reviewed by Jessica in one of her posts. In this post, Jasmine talks about her experience with the Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream and offers readers with insights on how the product worked on her skin. Jasmine states that the product immediately bought about a difference by reducing puffy eyes and dark circles. She also describes how she used the product and exactly what results she got from using the products. We are extremely happy that our Eye Cream was successful in allowing Jasmine to roam around concealer-free in no time at all.


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