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Making Modifications In Skincare Routine From Winter To Spring

Woman Posing Feeling Cold

Winter season is really taxing for people as they need to bear harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, the craze of people to take hot showers also makes the conditions worse. So, as soon as the winter season is over women like to go out in the open and expose their skin. However, they soon realize that they are troubled with dry and cracked skin.

Nonetheless, there are certain ways to make sure that one makes a transition from winter to spring in a completely healthy way. Here are some of the steps that one should consider to make a transition healthily.

Change The Moisturizer

Women always apply a thick moisturizer in winter in order to make sure that they don’t develop flakes. However, this heavy dose of moisture is not necessary during spring season as there is a change in the weather conditions in spring season. The temperatures are warmer, and thus, one must wear moisturizer with thinner consistency. This enables the skin to breathe properly. Moreover, the moisturizer should be fragrance free.

Also, the moisturizer must have SPF as well, since it could ensure proper protection of the skin from the harmful UV radiations of the sun. SPF has to be worn daily without fail; and, it becomes absolutely imperative to wear SPF during spring season since our body is exposed to the external environment during spring season. Women feel the urge to go out more frequently, and thus, the greater the exposure to the outer environment the more is the need to protect the skin by applying moisturizer with SPF.

Exfoliate Cautiously

The next thing to pay attention is to make sure that one exfoliates cautiously. During winter season one exfoliates regularly in order to make sure the dead skin cells resting on the skin are sloughed off properly. The pores too are thick in winters. However, with the arrival of spring season, the pores become less thick as they enlarge due to warmer climate. So, this gives a chance to the skin to be receptive to the products that are being used. Hence, one must exfoliate cautiously during the spring season since there is no need to go for excessive exfoliation. One must exfoliate though, but the frequency of exfoliation must be reduced. This depends upon the type of skin that one has.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is the next major thing to ensure. One must drink plenty of water during spring season as the body tends to perspire more as compared to the winter season. Moreover, one must take ample amount of vegetables and fruits, as this ensures that the skin gets proper dose of moisturizer.

Go With Lighter Makeup

As per the changes made in the amount of moisturizer worn by the skin, women need to make changes in the type of makeup that they wear. The makeup has to be lighter in spring season since the temperature is warm, and the skin is not able to bear heavy load of moisturizer. One should contemplate reverting to BB cream as that would give skin a chance to breathe properly. Moreover, the product chosen should be non-comedogenic as well.

Skincare Regimen To Take Care Of The Skin On A Sunny Day

Woman Poing Smiling In A Sunny Day

A sunny day is a kind of a paradoxical day, as it brings both pros and cons for people. Whereas there is the natural urge to step out in the open and enjoy the beautiful weather, this natural urge could be a cause of some common skin problems that one may need to encounter. Basically, it is the inadequate attention to ensuring proper protection from sun that lands women in trouble. So, if one is aware of the lethal effects of sun, then women would obviously ensure proper protection of the skin prior to stepping out into the open. So, here are some of the ways of taking effective care of the skin on a sunny day.

Climatic Zones

Basically, there could be two types of zones actually; dry zone and humid zone. So, skincare on a sunny day varies in these two types of zones. Whereas people in dry zone grapple with the problem of loss of moisture in the air, the ones living in humid zone actually experience the problem of having oily skin. So, the skincare differs in both these areas. However, what remains common in these two areas is the proper protection from the sun. The sun is the major culprit for the skin, and thus, one must wear sunscreen without fail. Basically, the sunscreen protects women from harmful UVA and UVB radiations of the sun. The UVA radiations are mainly responsible for causing breakouts and acne, and UVB radiations are the common cause of brown spots, dryness, aging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging of the skin. So, choosing a great skincare cream that provides proper protection from the sun is really significant.

Skincare Plan For Sunny And Dry Climate

Basically, the skin is prone to getting parched and dry in dry climates. So, one of the prime focuses of a person is to make sure that they keep their skin hydrated.

Hydrate Skin

As there is very little moisture in the air; so, it is pivotal to provide the necessary dose of moisture to the skin. So, one must use proper hydrating moisturizer both at night and during the day. This will keep the skin in good health.

Use Significant Ingredients

The next major thing is to make sure that one always looks for some key ingredients in skincare products. Some of these ingredients are Niacinimide, petroleum, and glycerine. Niacinimide ensures that the natural barrier of the skin remains intact. Petroleum is the key ingredient that prevents the moisture from escaping. And finally, glycerine helps in drawing moisture to skin’s topmost layer.

Skincare Plan For Sunny And Humid Climate

As it has already been discussed people living in the humid climate areas constantly encounter the problem of oily skin. This basically leads to the production of excessive oil in the body. So, one must follow the following steps in this case.


Proper cleansing must be done to keep the skin clean by removing the sweat, oil, and grime.


One must moisturize regularly, and moreover, oil-free moisturizers must be chosen to prevent the skin from becoming more humid.

Hair Benefits of Oat Straw

There is no problem without a solution. You just need to find it. For every trouble our body faces, nature has a backup to help us out. Every person out there is trying hard, working out, doing planks and running miles. This age is all about being in perfect shape. And that is where our breakfast table needs oats.

Oat Straw

The plant that helps us get the perfect shape can do much more than that. Oats are the ripened grain of the plant, which also contain unripe green seeds called Oat straw.

Oat straw has been mentioned as the herb for longevity in many cultures around the world. Longevity of life by soothing the stress levels in our body is the superpower of oat straw.

Can it help us tame our long hairs? Let’s find out.

Reduce Stress and Hair Fall 

Oat straw has long been known as the herb to help you relax. It is a mild “nervine” that relaxes your mind, relieves your body from stress, and ensures the longevity of healthy life. Recent studies have shown that increasing hair fall can be directly linked to increasing stress. Oat straw soothes the stress generating spots of our brain that in turn reduces our hair fall.

Oat Straw and Silica

Oat straw is rich in silica. Silica is an important element to making bones, nails and hair stronger and healthier. This mineral helps promote hair growth and makes sure the hair gets stronger and not just longer.

Enrich Your Hair

Vitamins are called as the macronutrients, as we need only traces of them in our diets. But do you know that the lack of essential vitamins could lead to a variety of issues such as bleeding gums and hair loss? So how do you eat enough to get the vitamins? One option is to add oat straw in your diet. Oat straw is rich in vitamin B, vitamin G, vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin E. All these put together makes hair grow healthier and thicker.

Color Your Hair Naturally 

Oat straw upon grinding into powder is the best kind of natural coloring agent. Got that annoying gray strand of hair shining brightly? Dip a brush in the Oat straw powder and get rid of your gray hair naturally.

Condition Your Hair

Oat straw infusions are often used as a natural emolliating agent. Dry scalp and dry strands of hair are a nightmare for sure. And when you can see no way out, make a paste of oat straw and say goodbye to all dry hair days.

Stay close to nature, stay healthy and happy. Remember for all your ailments, a herb out there is waiting to treat you. And every once in a while it will be oat straw.