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The Art Of Makeup Brushes

Your face is a canvas, and makeup is all about the right strokes, curves, and color schemes. Anything can work and be pulled off, whereas anything can fail miserably and be the next makeup disaster!

You have to experiment to find out. With so many types of make-up brushes, it is only human to get confused as to which one is used for what exactly. And if you’re anything like me, you need a written guide to make your life simple.

Well, your wish is my command.

Below mentioned is a guide of the different kinds of makeup brushes and their fundamental purposes.

  • Powder Brush

This most common type of brush is obviously used for applying rouge powder over your face, especially your cheeks. The long, fluffy bristles distribute and loosen the powder particles. Use it by sweeping along your cheekbones.

  • Concealer Brush

It is used to conceal target spots and blemishes and is normally used with thick cream based concealers.

It is a small, synthetic brush for specific areas that need masking.

  • Kabuki Brush

This is the biggest brush you’ll find. It works very well for mineral powders, bronzers, and powders since it distributes the product flawlessly around your entire face. This brush is used by applying in circular motions.

  • Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes have tapered tips for easier application. They can be used for even distribution and a flawless finish, with smooth liquids and cream. They make it easier for the product to blend with your skin.

  • Fan Brush

This is used for loose powder as it creates a light, soft effect on your skin and it blends easily with a sweeping effect. Using this removes excessive powder on your face, and avoids heavy coverage – making the make-up appear light and evened out.

  • Contouring Brush

This is a slanted and round shaped brush used for contouring your face into definitive lines. It uses the cheekbones as a reference point and highlights them. It’s an easy application due to the slanted tip, and using it with a bronzer and brightening powder can make your cheeks look well structured and sharp.

  • Eye Shadow Brush

It’s used to apply eye-shadow evenly and it works on both powder eye shadow and cream based eye shadow. Since it is wide, short, flat and has filled bristles, it works smoothly on your eyes providing excellent detailing.

  • Angled Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is more specific than the all over eye-shadow brush; as it is slanted and angled in order to shade the eye shadow, post application.

  • Blending Eye Shadow Brush

The third category of eye shadow brush is a round, flat brush that is used while blending 2 or more than 2 shades of eye shadows.

  • Lip Brush

Lip brushes are thin, sharp brushes with a pointed, and sculpted tip in order to give it an edge, which aids the achievement of flawless lines while applying cream based lip colors. And since the brush has sharp bristles, it enables ease of controlled application.

There are several other types, but for now, these fundamental kinds are the must-have, daily essentials!

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