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Vine Vera Packaging

Vine Vera Packaging

Vine Vera is a luxury skin care brand that strives to offer its customers with some of the best solutions for skin care needs and issues. We believe in using the best and most natural ingredients in our product formulations and have centered each of our products around Resveratrol, the anti-aging ingredient found in red wine and in the skin of red grapes.

Vine Vera packaging

One of the first rules of purchasing any skin care product is that the branding or the packaging doesn’t matter. The fancy packaging, beautiful branding and amazing ingredient formulations would not mean a thing if the products themselves are not effective. This is where Vine Vera is so different. Our first and foremost priority is towards ensuring that our products work. We have put in a lot of thought and research behind each of our collections and all you need to do is check out Vine Vera reviews to understand exactly how effective these products have been. If you’re looking to spoil your loved ones or gift your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife with something truly luxurious, look no further than Vine Vera.

However, just because a skin care company primarily needs to ensure that it concentrates on the effectiveness of the product doesn’t mean that it cannot offer customers with fancy packaging as well. At Vine Vera, we believe in offering our customers with an all-round experience. One would expect nothing less from a quality luxury skin care product. Our creative collection names help us set the tone for our packaging and each collection has been offered with a type of packaging that fits its identity. For example, we have decked up the Chianti Collection with a beautiful burgundy colored packaging.

Each Vine Vera product has been offered with a deep brown colored reflective surface in its packaging. The boxes have been designed in various shades of bronze and are extremely sturdy as well. This is because each box has been made using sturdy fiberboard that exudes a magnificent shimmer. In fact, this beautiful combination is one of the main reasons why our packaging comes across as imaginative, attractive and pretty. We try to ensure that the packaging for each of our products allows you to further enhance that luxurious feel without appearing to be too flashy.

Vine Vera Package

We offer twist off containers for our creams and compressed air pumps for most of our serums. This helps to ensure that not a drop of the product goes to waste. Each product jar has also been manufactured with great care in order to ensure that it seals nicely and doesn’t allow the product to evaporate. What’s the point of investing in such products if the pumps stop working or the container seal breaks off suddenly.

After all, when you choose a luxury skin care product, you expect the packaging to be different and appealing. You don’t want to spend the amount of money that you do on some flimsy compact looking product. You want something that defines the product, sets your mood and exudes luxury.



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